Friday, November 11, 2011

Where Has Time Gone

I received my first injection of Lupron on Thursday the 3rd. I have been very lucky to have no side effects so far. I will have 6 injections total over a 6 month window. Even tho it is so hard to think about and take in for the next 6 months of our lives we are praying that we won't end up pregnant as it would not be a good place for a baby to grow with the current medications.

My Medication came in this box. I did not think it was going to be anywhere near this big of box. It was kinda scary before I opened the box to see the injection medication was actually small in size.

It is so wonderful to see God working in our lives over the last few weeks. We are hoping at the start of the year we will be able to take one huge step further in our adoptive journey that we have been longing to take for years. God is so powerful in the way he makes everything flow together at the right time.

An amazing story. We had to go to the ER with morning with one of our foster kids (this part not good). The nurse that had just came onto shift had told us after hour or so being there that being a foster parent has been on her heart for a long time and now her son is old enough and is ok with being a foster family. She told me that she just questions it with being a single parent. I told her even tho the reason we were there would not want you to be a foster parent. That all of the good things make it worth it beyond words. Its not easy and yes it is heart breaking to send them back home but that is why we have god in our lives. I don't even know if this lady believed in God but it just came out. (I'm not one that will talk about God with strangers as I am fearful to do so). I told her of stories of woman whom I know that are single foster and adoptive parents. At the end see asked me how to become a foster parent and where to sign up. Our area is in a big need for foster parents. I suggested to her that if she was iffy to sign up and do respite care first to see how it goes from there and if now wasn't the time that she could just keep her licence up until the time was right. Even tho I'm glad that I was not there because of what happened. I am so thankful that God used me and my testimony to give this lady the reassurance that she needed to get started and that if it is on her heart that God would help her with the right time. I think God put us there and then to change a persons life and families life forever.

Being a foster parent isn't easy but when a foster kids walks up to you and tells you that he asked God into his heart forever. It makes every sleepless night, sleepless week, heartbreaking tear, every emotional breakdown to God for the strength to continue and every bruise on my body worth it even more then we will every understand and know.