Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please Pray

We are all fine and didn't get hit but we have family and friends who have lost everything. Please be praying that they can continue to find the missing kids alive.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where did a month go ??????

Well so much for blogging more often :(
I really miss blogging not only to keep track of things but to help claim my mind.
I honestly don't even know where to start.

This month I have started watching 2 little ones on the weekend to help earn someone money so on the weekend we have 6 kids under 4. We also started attending a class at church called How to Hear Gods Voice. So to fill the time between when church gets out and when we need to be back for the class we have tried to find something to stay busy since we have an hour drive each way it doesn't pay to come back home. What do you do with 8 kids. I don't know. This last week we went to the outlet mall. This is how we stroll on the weekends.
Sorry I can't show you pictures of my babies I would love to so I can give you is the back of their heads. The blue one is the 4 place stroller I recently got and we love it. It has been a huge life saver.

Here's an update on all of my kiddo's
My sweet little miss is now 6 months old and rolled over for the first time by herself on Monday. We have been working for several hours everyday to gain those muscles and it finally paid off. Not only did she just roll from her stomach to her back she also rolled from her back to her stomach.  We are still struggling with her trying to stand on her legs when you hold her up but will keep working on it. We are also continuing to struggle with latching issues with the bottle and mouth stimulation with baby food.

My little climber is now 16 months and has regressed with behaviors since visitation with family has increased. We're having issues with screaming and pulling hair. He has started waking 4-6 times a night again. He is making progress with his speech therapy and is talking more :) YAY!!!!!

My little man turned 2 and is growing like a weed. He is learning no words everyday but is also picking up on my oldest girls attitudes and is starting to copy it :( He loves to eat and down almost any fruit.

My little princess turned 3 and is also growing like a weed. She started school this week and is loving every minute of it. We are waiting for a hearing exam to see if she has a hearing impairment which could explain some of the cognitive and speech delays. We are going to try to figure out what else could be causing the delay. 

My big princess has been doing an amazing job in school and I'm so proud of her. She went from all D's and F's, along with never getting a good grade. After 3 months of hard work she has 3 A's and 1 B. She also made student of the month. So So Proud of her. She has finished the soccer season. We have huge progress with behaviors besides the night before and the day of visits.

My Oldest is also doing well and school and passed her AR goal in the 4 short months she has been with us. Wow it didn't hit me until I wrote that. I can't believe its been 4 months. She is so helpful with the little kids and is always wanting to help with the baby. I try to discourage it just because she needs to learn how to be a kid but it is nice sometimes.

Everyone is getting very excited for our next vacation. We will be leaving for Florida in a month. It will be the second time my kids have ever been on trips and the first time they have ever been to universal studio's. 

We have been so busy with every one's visits and appointment and end of year school events but we make it through out the day. A generous person from church has agreed to watch my children so me and my husband can go on a date. It will be the first time since January so it will be so nice to spend some time together.

I'm looking forward to this summer and all of the fun things we will get to do....

Until next time....
I'm gonna try to do a post on their birthday party but I can't make a promise