Monday, April 23, 2012

So Much

There has been so much going on lately...

Since I'm currently not working I feel horrible that I haven't been blogging. We got a placement so this weekend was filled with fun and happiness. Having a house filled with 4 kids all 3 and under made for a very eventful weekend. It was fabulous and I won't trade it for anything however I think I need a double stroller to make it through next weekend as I can't carry the kids due to my back and the littlest one isn't walking quite yet its a lot of creativity to get somewhere.
I would love to show you pictures because they are the cutest things in the world but I can't :( .

Now that I'm done with my injections the original plan was to start trying again. However due the event that happened in January with my back at this time it is not safe and possibly never will without being in extreme discomfort and being on bed rest the whole time. So now I'm waiting on the doctors to decided what their going to do about my cycles.

I have been praying to God about where we are going from here with the adoption, trying and selling our home. I think God has given me a very clear picture and with his timing in place. I found out about the results of the MRI on my back 2 weeks after my last injection. Right when we were to be deciding if we were going to try treatment again. I knew that God had his hand in the situation. I think it is clear that we are to adopt. We are having a yard sale soon to try to raise money for our adoption. We have had a few donations. Thanks you to those who read this that have donated. We were working on a adoption prior to deciding that we were going to sell our home and should be able to pick back up where we were at.

In 4 months with have only had 5 showings and no offers. The home across the street is up for sale to same size for $20,000 more. We were hoping it would help us. We also found out that the people next to use never sold their home and that they are just renting it out. We also don't have built in a/c so we were hoping to have it sold before it got hot but its already here. It's been 60 or above for the last 2 weeks and almost 80 this weekend. So I think were going to take it off the market soon and just hang out for a few more months and then try again this fall when it cools off.

I have also started coupon shopping the last couple of months to help save money so we can save more for our adoption and pay off all debit besides our home. Since January we have been doing Financial Peace University and graduated a couple of weeks ago. We manged to pay off $30,000 in debt since January. Penny pinching has been well worth it. My husband and I are determined to get all of our debt paid off including our car, student loans and medical debt from surgery and treatments. However I feel stuck since I can't work so I can't help much besides spend my time clipping coupons, searching ads and looking for the best deals and save us money that way.

I have felt called since I first moved here to start a group at our church for people going through infertility and adoptions. I talked to our children's minster about it years ago but nothing really happened. Our church is fairly big and they have no program or support to help adoptive families and I have felt called to do so. Since  I think were going to be staying for awhile I think I'm going to try to figure something out because I think it could be very helpful to meet with others who are going through the same thing just like we come to the blogging community.

Sorry for the randomness. I hope all is going well for everyone. I have been praying for all of you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday

At The Cross by Hillsong

Oh Lord You’ve searched me 
You know my way 
Even when I fail You 
I know You love me 

Your holy presence 
Surrounding me 
In every season 
I know You love me 
I know You love me 

At the cross I bow my knee 
Where Your blood was shed for me 
There’s no greater love than this 
You have overcome the grave 
Your glory fills the highest place 
What can separate me now 

You go before me 
You shield my way 
Your hand upholds me 
I know You love me 

You tore the veil 
You made a way 
When You said that it is done 

And when the earth fades 
Falls from my eyes 
And You stand before me 
I know You love me 
I know You love me

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Newest Family Member

A week ago we added a new member to our family. Two Christmas ago the pet store had some cocker spaniels in however we were not at the point when we were quit ready as we were heading out on vacation and it just wasn't going to work. However they got some more in two weeks ago. He was the only boy left. I really wanted a girl but when I first went to go and look my husband was at work and he said no to another dog. However the rest of the day our dog Louie sat by the door whining. He usually doesn't like other dogs for long. So I took him on a couple of walks but he wont stop whining so when my husband got off work we went back over to look and see if he was still there. Louie was all over Rennie and every time he would whine Louie was making sure he was ok just like he does when there are babies in our home. Jacob couldn't say no any here is our new member....
Just a week later....and already potty trained.

Renegade "Rennie"
Born Feb 7th, 2012

His favorite thing to play with is the cat toys.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Mondays

The story behind the song
Jason started writing the song after watching a TV show about divorces one day. But he couldn't figure out the second verse so he put it away for awhile. Then one day he was watching the Arizona shooting tragedy when he heard the story of the nine year old girl. The second part of the song came from inspiration for the girl and her family.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Orphans Easter Prayer

“I will not leave you as orphans… I will come to you.”
John 14:18
Dear Lord,
Thank You, our Father on this Easter Day
For the love that you shared, the gift that you gave.
We really don’t know what we would have done,
If you hadn’t planned Easter and sent us “Your Son.”
In the fields of despair we all would have stayed,
Lost and alone…and, oh so afraid.
Helpless and hungry, begging for bread,
Longing for love, so weak and distressed.
Thank you for hearing each “orphan prayer” said,
For the promises you whispered, the hope that you sent.
On this Easter morning we rejoice and we pray,
For the families you sent us, and the ones on their way.
For those who give care and bestow gifts of love,
For others who come to help and share hugs!
Our Father in Heaven we ask in your name,
Please watch over the orphans needing help and who wait.
Please fill up their hearts with Your Hope and Your Strength,
Bless all your orphaned children on This Holy Easter Day.
Rejoicing Together This Day!
With Love,
Your Children... 
...who are orphan’s no more!
-J Beazely
I have come so they can have Life.
I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.
John 10:10 (NIRV)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter Weekend and remember the true meaning of Easter.