Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New name?????

Well I think its time to Give my Blog a new name................
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A long over due Update

Ally, This post is just for you. Thanks for reminding me its been almost 2 months.

Wow does time fly. I honestly don't even know where to start. 

Moving...it keeps getting pushed back and we keep having to climb over mountains but we are finally getting close. Our tentative moving date is Sept 5. I can't wait until this is our home. We don't have be so packed into rooms. 

My little frog legs is only 2 1/2 short months from being 1. I can't believe its been that long since them came to our home. It looks like she will be here with us on her 1st birthday. Her family has court in 2 weeks so we will see what happens at that point. My poor little girl has been sick for the last 3 days :(. She still isn't crawling but she is getting close. She is more focused on walking and pulling herself up on everything. She doesn't want to sit anymore. She just wants to stand and has figured out that she can roll herself to get somewhere. This girl loves to eat paper and she can find it anywhere. The most important thing I forgot is this girl is growing like crazy. This girl can fit into 2T clothes. 

My little climber is almost 2. They are all growing up way to fast. He is finally growing. He has been about the same size since he came to our house until a month ago. The is growing in the legs big time. Talking...wow....He is using almost full sentence and has been coping everything anyone says. We are still teething. I really wish they would just come through already. On the way home from Florida he kept rubbing my pillow case that way all silky and smooth. Shortly after getting back I found a silky blanket at Ross. That was a big mistake. Now this little one is attached to his blanket. I finally found  2 more at a different Ross and found a couple more that are close to the same. He takes that thing everywhere and will scream at bed time or if he is trying to sleep in the car if he doesn't have one. On top of that, the other 2 little ones think they need a blankly now. I created a monster.

My little man is still having some set backs from the storm but is getting back to where he was before. He also got to see his 3 sisters for the first time in 6 months. It broke my heart that he didn't even remember them. He has went from being my talker to being my quiet one. We are also working on potty training  About 3 weeks ago I walked in his room to get him up and he has his diaper in his and through it at me. I said okay we are done with diapers. He does good for the most part. We have our bad days but overall I'm amazed from the last time we tried.

My little princess wow this girl can talk and you can actually understand what she is saying. This is amazing for her and she is expressing her needs with sentences instead of using one word. She has also realized that she has different voices and will walk around the house using them. She is always cracking us up. She is so excited to be starting school this week. Growing can I say growing. She is going to be one tall girl.

My big princess is changing everyday into a young lady. She loves arts and crafts and very creative. She has got to see her siblings who don't live with us every other week the last 2 months. She is not happy about school starting but I think that will change once she actually starts going. This girl has finally put on some weight and the doctor was beyond happy about it.

My Oldest is struggling with being a teenager. Oh and we have started the whole boy friend things. Thank God it is a boy from our church and they really aren't moving very fast. Praise god because this is something I am going to struggle with because of her family history but I'm trying hard not to hold it against her. She has been opening up lately and starting to talk about things. We had a huge behavior a copy of weeks ago and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it won't happen again. She has been more active lately and is trying to lose weight. I'm am beyond proud of her.

What else has happened in the last 2 months. Way to much.....We got our big mama and love it. The kids call it the bus and Little princess gets mad when we don't take it. My kids are still doing Martial Arts and all earned their Sand belts during the last test. I have also started working. I am working on helping getting foster parents signed up. I love every minute of it but miss my kids dearly well they are at daycare.

We were going to go on one last trip before school started but it got canceled due to flooding of our vacation site. So we took a day trip to the Dallas zoo instead. The kids loved it. Hopefully we can do it again. We went to a Red Hawks game. Went to Frontier City and have went to a few other things too. We have also been doing outreaches with our church and have another one coming up next weekend and the girls love it.

My husband and I also got to go to a foster parent retreat. I loved it and wish we could go back every year. To bad you can only go every 3 years.

We have court hearing for most of our kids this month so a lot could be changing over the next month. Hopefully by the next update we will be in the process of at least moving. I haven't packed anything and I'm hoping to slowly just move things over after like one or 2 days of big moving. 

 Frog legs
 This is from a Foster Parent Retreat that my husband and I were able to go through.
 My little Climber
My Little Man
 My Little Princess and My Little Man
My young lady, My big princess and My Little Man