Friday, August 31, 2012


Last night I had a wonderful dream....
Warning...(My Husband Says I have the weirdest dreams...but those are the ones that come true.)
The dream started with us at the hospital and we were there with 3 other couples to pick up our babies just 4 short weeks after our class. We all got called back at the same time. There was a man in front of us who got to meet his baby first. His wife was out of town, so he was trying to understand everything he need to do for his new son. After he left it was our turn to meet our new child. (I missed the part of the dream about call and what we would be getting). It was the most beautiful baby boy. His name was Rick (His mom named him this because his dad's name was buck). He was the sweetest thing and he's mother was so nice. She was telling us about his 2 brothers that were older. My husband oddly asked her if she was wanting to up them up for adoption too...That's were it ended.
When my husband woke up I told him when we get our baby do not ask the mother that question. I told him she could get mad and take the baby away....
Maybe this wasn't just a simple dream...Maybe it was just a dream....Only God knows.

Our class is only 6 weeks away......

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm moving on up....

Woohooo!!!!!!! Yesterday I got my lifting weight limit moved up from 10 pounds to 20 pounds. This could not of came at a better time. God is defiantly watching over me. I was getting really worried with getting so close to our class that I was still gonna be at 10#. Its been at 10# for about 4 months that's a gallon of milk.
More good news is yesterday I checked the list of waiting family's and its now to 8 families. That means after our class we will have higher odds of being picked. One benefit we have is we will be one of the few younger families and I will be the youngest on there. I'm not sure how many in our class so depending on that our odds will change but there have been a lot of matches over the last few weeks :) Hope it keeps going that way.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We're getting closer :)

With our class coming up in just 7 weeks!!!!!!!! I am getting beyond exciting that we will be expecting a baby as soon as God has planned. We have been working on getting the baby room ready. I have been washing all of our baby boy and girl clothes. So that they are ready when ever the baby or babies come. We have picture to hang up and have to get the changing table set-up as soon as we get it from my dads house. We still need stuff but we have most of the major things. The only other major thing we could need is possibly another bed if we were to get twins. We have 2 infant car seats (one is very pink and girly so if we were to get 2 boys we'll have to find a cover) and a double stroller.  Since I turned in our paperwork just a short while ago. There have been 4 families that have been matched with a birth mother and some of which could already be holding a baby in their arms. It is amazing how amazing God is. This only leaves 10 family on the waiting list. With our class 7 weeks away I would have faith that a few more could be possibly matched. I'm not sure how many other families are signed up for our class and if they are all in the same spot. Some families wait to complete their home studies after the class. We are currently waiting on approval of our home study.
My husband keeps making fun of me because I keep walking around the house singing..."I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I know, I know, I know I finally get to be a mother soon." How could I not be dancing and signing around the house. We are closer then we have ever been.

Pictures coming soon.........

Friday, August 17, 2012

One step closer

With less than 8 weeks to go until our class I'm starting to wonder if we're going to get everything done on time. With being able to do very little due to my back it makes it so hard to get very much done. A big thank you do my family that has been helping get the house ready for our little one that could already be growing inside his/her birth mothers stomach. We pray each and every day that if the baby or babies are already growing that they get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Yesterday we went and got finger printed at the jail. While I was getting my finger prints done one of the inmates was seating on the bench (cuffed) doing the potty dance waiting for me to get done with my prints so he could go potty. Poor guy had to wait almost 20 minutes from when I got in there and Jacob had already got his done. I would be so angry if I had to wait 40 minutes to pee. I am grateful that I have my own free will to pee when I want and need to.

Yesterday was a huge step closer. We got our home study packet of paperwork and money delivered. I wasn't about to stick 3 weeks worth of paperwork in the mail. Since my hands have paid the price and are covered in paper cuts. I decided I was driving them there myself. Plus the agency is about 40 minutes from my house one way. Second of all it gave me a reason to check out some of my favorite stores while I was there.
The Paperwork
 The Agency
It was so nice to meet the workers and actually put a face to a name.

Update Pictures on the House....
Sneak Peak....
  Bathroom Floor Do You see the layers
 That's Tar Under there....

The Bathroom had linoleum on the walls. 
That bright orange and black I'm sure looked beautiful with that green flooring
                                                           The sanding in the works

                                                              The bathroom in the works

 Added a ceiling vent

Our soon to be bedroom

 I LOVE this color

My dad painting 

The soon to be baby room

 Opening up a new item

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New to the blog.

New to the blog...
You can help us bring our baby home. By purchasing a T-Shirt.
They mail the T-Shirts straight to you. We ordered some it takes about a week.
At the left you can click the logo or you can click the web address below.

We are so grateful to all the support we have received and the wonderful adoption fundraisers we have had. However we are still short at least $4,000. We have been able to cut some cost since we were foster parents and already have some of the required things done. We are going to apply for grants as soon as our home study is done and I've already started on some paperwork for them however in less than 9 weeks we could have to come up with the rest of the money. This soon to mothers heart is starting to panic. I know that God will make sure that everything will happen the way it is suppose to but my hurt wonders and hurts at the fact that we could have to say no and wait longer because we don't have the money yet. I don't want to have to take out a loan but this mama thinks that its not gonna happen that way.  Do adoptive parents nest because I'm pretty sure even tho we just move. I have the urge.

If you want to help spread the word. All you have to do is share the link.

Friday, August 10, 2012

9 weeks from Today

In 9 weeks from today we will be sitting in our adoption class. In a little over 9 weeks we could have a baby in our arms. This means we have less than 9 weeks to finish fixing up grandma's house and get everything ready. Today when I went to the store I could help taking a look at the baby clothes. One of these days when we don't have so many projects we are going to go look for our take home outfits. Will have to find one for a boy and one for a girl since we don't know what we will be having. Nine weeks seems so far away at times and other times it feels like its just right around the corner. On Tuesday I'm gonna drop the paperwork off at the adoption agency. We got our medical exam done yesterday. It only took 3 hours to get it done but its done. We just have our finger prints left. After we get that done and they get our background checks back with can take up to 7 weeks they will update our home study and we will be on our way.
Here some pics of what we have been working on. These are all before pictures. I'm hoping by Wednesday I can have some after pictures.
The Front of the House
 The soon to be baby room
 One day that carpet will go because there is some beautiful hardwood floor under that.
That will be one day when were not on a 9 week crunch.
 The Kitchen, Dinning Room, Laundry Room
 Our Current bedroom until the front of the house is done.
Will be extra bedroom (hopefully for foster kids) and toy room.
 Living Room
 Living Room
 Living Room

Our Future Bedroom...Was originally Grandma's Living.
However we have to be creative with a 1 bedroom house.
 One day will be the dining room..Now it is the box room

 My uncle gave this to us last week. He must think were getting a girl.
Every tho everyone wants a boy...You see I'm gonna go along with them because
if we plan for a boy we just might get a girl.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Paperwork Time

The paperwork packet arrived Monday as I pulled it through the other side of the mailbox as the mailman placed it in there. I have been working it on every spare minute it possible. Almost everything that is left is has to wait on others. I hate having to wait on others as they don't understand every day that we have to weight only breaks my heart more. Several paper cuts later and pills of pen ink we are almost done with what can be done. I even got the birth mom letter done today. I was thinking it was going to be the hardest thing to write. But God answered my prayers and gave me the words to write. It stills need some editing but it's there. When I'm done, I'll share. As I think it is an important part of this journey.  We have to wait for our  background check appointments, doctors appointments to fill out the medical part and lots of copies to make. I also have our profile page to get done which is next on the list.