Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where has time gone

While I guess with 6 kids and all of the appointments we have I think I'm gonna be lucky if I get one post in a month.
Life in general---I'm going to start working any day now just waiting on paperwork. After being off for almost 2 years I'm not ready to start working again. I want to just stay home with my babies. I'm sure after I get a paycheck it will feel a little bit better. We went to Orlando, Florida at the very beginning of June for a week. We had a blast and all the kids loved going to universal studio's. On top of all of that we have been house hunting. We have been looking for several months but not very seriously. Unfortunately, the tornado and storms did some damage to our current home and my grandma (who we rent from) has decided that she is wanting to sell the home since it will have a new roof and siding. This pushed us to find a home faster. We weren't really wanting to buy a home right now but rent in this town is crazy since the oil boom so buying is the only way we can afford a home that will fit all of us.  We also only have 4 months until frog legs turns 1 and when she turns 1 she has to be out of our room and we have no place to move her too so this has also seed things up. We also went through a panic when they told us they may be moving 3 of our kiddo's to a native home. We knew that if it was God's plan he would help us through it and so far we have heard nothing more and it has been several weeks.

House hunting.....
House Hunting Experience. First house love but while looking at it the home owner came in and started talking to us which was very helpful. Second house we walk in and it was very stinky and then we turn around after looking in the kitchen and there was a big fat raccoon (bigger than our dog) looking at us  We all agreed to just leave. Third house we looked at the ceiling was missing most likely from the storm and the back door won't open and when Jacob opened the side door and bugs came crawling in.

The first house we looked at we wanted to look at again. We went back a second time later in the week and decided that we really like the house. Its not everything that we want but it fits what our family needs and is at a price we can afford. We are waiting for the home owner to find out what his insurance company is going to cover as far as storm damage to the outside of the home. As soon as we hear back we are planning on writing an offer. The biggest thing is going to be the amount of time we have until we can move in because all of the companies are booked out several weeks because of the number of homes that need new roof's. We know that if it's God's plan for us to get this house that everything will work out at the most perfect time. 

Update on our kiddo's
My sweet little miss who we call frog legs now because she is also moving her legs like a little frog. I can't believe she is already 8 months old. She has started rolling herself over this past week and has started pulling herself up on things. I really think she is just gonna skip the whole crawling thing (which I hate being a therapist because that's where you get your coordination from). She is also not liking baby food anymore so we are slowly starting her on table foods. She is quickly catching up with her bother who is 10 months older than her. In fact she is only 3in shorter than him and they are both in 12-18 month clothes.

My little climber is now 18 months. He is still waking up through the night but not as frequently. It's mainly happening the night or 2 following visits. After the visit this past Friday he started screaming shortly after falling asleep. He won't wake up and you could just see by his face he was having a nightmare and won't wake up from it. It broke my heart. He is still climbing on everything. He's started walking backwards and is trying to figure out how to jump. He is picking up on learning his colors very quickly.

My little man has regressed big time since the tornado's. We have a feeling that he was locked in a closet at one point because the minute we got in the closet he started screaming and won't stop. He literally screamed the whole entire 2 hours we were in the closet. The following morning he woke up with hives all over his body. The doctor said it was stress hives. We have also had increased behaviors since.

My little princess is making so much progress. Just today we were reflecting back with her therapist about how much she has changed since the beginning. She is talking way more and her words are way easier to understand. She is also starting to remember her colors which is amazing since we have been working on it almost every single day since she came to us about 6 months ago. She is also starting to copy the older girls with imitating different voices. She is also the best wrestler in her martial arts class.

My big princess has changed so much this past month. She has been opening up and talking about things that happened to her at home and in other foster homes. She is also finding herself but struggling with the things changing in her body. I think we are going to be starting monthly visit soon and she is not taking the talk very well. She just freaks out and starts yelling "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die" and then shuts done.  Listening and attitude have gotten way batter.

My Oldest had her sweet 13th birthday. Her party isn't until this coming weekend but we still celebrated as a family. However, since turning 13 she now thinks she can rule the world and her attitude has gotten way worse. I'm hoping a week at church camp will help. We'll find out at the end of this week. She has also had a lot going on with bio mom and I know that it is not helping. She has a very good reason to be mad but I can't just let her get away with it so we are working on ways to deal with our anger. 

While that's as much time as I have for now so I guess I'll be back in a month because I don't think I'm gonna get back before than. With increased visits, starting a job, working on closing on a house and getting things ready to move. I should say it might be 2 months before I get back. :(
I miss the blog world