Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time is flying...

Two weeks from tomorrow we will be loading up the moving truck. Time is going so fast. This weekend we are hosting another adoption fundraiser/Yard Sale. Last time we made over $1000 were hoping to beat that.
This past week.....
We packed and packed
We searched high and low for boxes... and still need more
Packed for us and our dogs for our trip to South Dakota
My best friend got married to an amazing man. She was gorgeous

The Bride and Groom

The Wedding Party

Driving down hwy 12 which goes from Lewiston, ID to Mossula, MT reminds me how wonderful God is and how pretty God made this GPS clocked me going 174 mgh in my swagger wagon. (Anyone who know's hwy 12 know's that this is not possible ;) Your lucky to go 60 for more than .002 of a mile before having to slow down to 35 again. This is a 200 mile stretch that takes about 4-5 hours to get through. It is amazing tho. This time I saw my first mouse in there. It was right along the road.
Taken at 5 AM

And the packing....


We couldn't have came home from vacation to a more beautiful letter in the mail.
We have been Accepted. We payed our money to save our spot for our adoption class in mid October.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Accepting God

This past week in church they talked about accepting God into our life. I grew up going to church and then we stopped going for quit some time. After I meet my husband I started to go to church with him. I liked going to church but I just didn't really feel like giving God my whole heart. After having a miscarriage I was really doubting Gods plans. It wasn't until after the second miscarriage that I started believing that God does have a plan for me and how can I not love the man with all my heart and my soul if he is the one caring for my sweet babies. It was then that I decided that I was going to listen to him and study his word but I hadden't truly let him in to my heart. It wasn't until the first mothers day at our current church when I changed my mind and decided to dedicate my life to him.
On mother's day our church ask the mothers to stand up. I had every dream that the first mother's day after being married that I would be expecting. That first mothers day hit so hard. When all the mother's around me started standing up I felt so lost and confused. I so badly wanted to be able to stand up proudly as a mother. I kept telling myself I'm not a mother so I don't get to stand up. I prayed that day that I next year I would get to stand up because I would have a baby on the way or in my arms. If I stood up people won't understand why because they didn't know I had two babies in heaven. Am I really a mom if I only have babies in heaven. I couldn't take it anymore that day as I hear everyone saying happy mother's day to everyone. I just wanted to run and hide because I so badly wanted to be a mother. It wasn't until I sat at home crying for hours after church that I let God into my heart. To this day I only wish I would of done it sooner. I am deeply dreading leaving our church because it's Home to me. If it weren't for them I can't say that I would of ever let God into my heart, life and soul. Every year on Mother's Day its so hard on my heart. I always thought and dreamed that I would be able to stand up in our church on Mother's Day and now that dream is gone and will never happen. Its hard to let go of that dream. I know there will be a new church but it won't be the same. I don't know that another church will have as big as impact on my life as this one did.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today we revived the official letter from the adoption agency that our papers are being processed!!!!!!!!
sorry its short but my sinus infection has the best of me.

One Month

In one month we will be loading our truck up to travel on our new journey. I'm really so excited because when we get down there we can work on starting our home study once we find a place to live. I have lots of people asking us why we are moving...While there is 2 reasons. #1 my hubby needs a full time job as he's current job is seasonal and part time. #2 we are chasing our long awaited dream of adoption.

Its so hard sitting here doing nothing to start our family when we want a family of our own so badly. Since we finished our last injection of famera back so long ago. It really hasn't been more than a few months. I honestly can't even remember right now. That's how much the idea of hope to have our own is out of my mind. We haven't even cycled since then we started the injections last year. So I'm sure my body is so off kilter it doesn't even know what it is suppose to do so it's beyond hopeless. I can't say them we might not ever try again with fertility treatments but at this time I don't feel lead by God that this is the way to go and with my current back injury it would be a bad thing if I got pregnant.

I'm so EXCITED I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT......The adoption agency received our paperwork that we mailed off last week :)
Now just waiting for the next step of the way......

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

40 Days until Departure Day

Wow have the last few weeks been extremely busy and are only getting busier for the better.

The last two weeks I have spent in South Dakota helping my cousin get ready for her wedding in less than 3 weeks. I had a blast but I'm glad to be home as I have so much to get done before we leave.

We have made some huge progress with our move and adoption :)

Over the last few day.....
Moving Progress

  • Plane tickets have been purchased for those who will be flying out here to help us on our 3 day drive form Idaho to Oklahoma
  • Moving truck has been rented 
  • Packing has began
  • Started to sell the things we aren't moving with us
  • Notice has been turned into work
The best thing that has happened!!!!!!
We got our adoption packet and money mailed off today. Papers for our pastor to fill out has been dropped off. We are finally on a long awaited start to our adoption. We have a class to go to in the middle of October. Once we move to Oklahoma we will be staying at my dad's until we can find a home to purchase. We would ideally love to have our home study at least started before the class. We are really hoping we can have a placement by Easter next year but we know it can take longer. I'm just so excited to finally being back on the tracks towards adoption. We are also planning on becoming foster parents again once we get settled in and have our adoption in the final stages.

Now for some pics

                                 Post office                                   Horrible pic of me mailing the paperwork off
 Our puppy making sure no body got the paperwork

I know that we are making the right choice and following Gods plans. I am so at peace with everything and I know it will all work out the way God has planned. We have some family and friends who are not happy with our choice of not moving back to South Dakota but we have to follow our dreams of becoming a family and South Dakota just isn't the place we feel we are suppose to go. We looked into agencies there but none of them have jumped out at us and we didn't feel at peace with them. The agency we are working with is one that came to our hearts in a very special way and has felt just right since we talked to them about 8 months ago.

We are going to truly miss so many people out here and especially our church and our foster kids. It is so hard for us to leave all of our support we have had our on journey that we have been on here for the last 4 years but our hearts know it is the right thing but it doesn't make it any easier.

Our first foster baby and his parents got to graduate from court yesterday. We are so proud of them. That is truly our jobs as foster parents is to help the families change and become the parents that they need to be so they can become a family again. As an infertile it does make it hard because they get a second, third, forth, or eight chance to do what they need to do and we would do anything to get just one chance.

What's ahead......
We have 37 days until we pack the moving truck up...38 days until we sign our old house away...40 days until we leave town....43 days until we make it to Oklahoma...???  days until we purchase our new home..129 days until our adoption class...??? days until we hold our first child in our arms forever.