Monday, December 27, 2010

New Pain

Over the last week I have started having pain on the right side and it is just like the pain that started on the left side. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that it is not another cyst. I'm hoping the doctor will call me back tomorrow and send me in for an ultrasound to check to make sure there is not another cyst starting to grow. The pain is not anything like the last one but if we can get it early I can take meds to try to make it go away before it gets bad.

I have to call and schedule an RE phone appointment yet but I'm waiting to see what is going on with this first. I'll keep you updated if I find anything out.

I've been super busy working on the basement trying to get it finished before I start some classes in Jan for 3 weeks because I'll have no free time. We are about half way done. We have to seal the floor and paint one more wall and then lay carpet and move things out so we can finish the 3rd room in the basement and then prime the wall in the one room upstairs which is a long awaited room for a little one and hopefully some day soon we will be able to paint it a color and fill the room with a special little one.
The Soon to be Photography Room
 The stairs to the basement
 The soon to be family room

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry for not updating lately....My RE labs went ok besides now I'm having issues with cholesterol so now I'm going to meet with my nutritionist at the beginning of Jan. I also talked with my nurse from the RE and she said that I could call and do a phone appointment to talk about information and decided if we can start the pill treatments without going out there first. Christmas is also a very hard time of the year for me so I've kinda been a Xmas pooper this year and just trying to hide in my cave so that I don't have to deal with the heart ache of seeing people who are excepting or have little ones. This year has been a lot easier but Christmas is nothing like it use to be. I'll update after I find out some more info.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hormone Therapy

So another problem has came along. The hormone therapy I started a few weeks ago isn't working. It worked for about a week and then stopped. My body is fighting it like crazy. I went and did my labs for the RE this morning and that's when the whole day went down hill. I wasn't going to go into work because it was that bad but me being the person I am I went to work. I had to come home a couple of times to change outfits but I got all but 1 person seen today not bad for getting there so late because of all my issues with my labs this morning.
When I first got to the office I had to turn around and come home to change. Then I head back when I got there they needed the ICD-9 code for the labs so we had to wait over an hour for the nurse to call back with the code. Then they took be back to do the labs. First 2 pokes they couldn't get anything so they put hot packs on and made me wait. Third time no luck again this time a different person. Then I felt like I was going to pass out. With not being able to eat and it being close to 10am I knew it was my blood sugar. They sent me out to sit for awhile and then tired again 4th time the charm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the labs come back with a good to go but I'm not getting my hopes up. Its been a bad couple of months.
I talked with my OB about the meds not working and he wants me to finish it out since my iron level looked ok on the last draw. Needless to say I'm not happy with that. This isn't normal and why wait and let it go so I do have to get transfusions again. The only reason it was good was because I didn't have anything for months. He's pushing my luck and I know its already being pushed but I guess its in Gods hands and I just have to remember that. So we will see if it stops in the next week and a half and if it doesn't I have to go back in then.

Vision is back YAYAH

My vision is back to normal thanks to the wonderful doctors. Last time it took from Jan to Sept and this time less then 2 weeks. We found the answer....after the big scare of a possibility of having CA. It is something so simple and is fixed by my new best friend called a bottle of eye drops. When I was getting ready to leave the doctor on Wednesday with no answer in hand (I believe it was God's timing) my eyes starting blurring everything out. It has been just like when you take a car in to get it fixed that it doesn't do it for the mechanic. Well for the past year it has never done it well I was at the office but thanks to God it happened. They quickly went back to the room and come to find out that one of the top layers of my eye (not visible to the naked eye) was shivering up which was why my vision would go fast and could come back so fast. They figured it out that my eye is having a reaction to chemicals in the air and which is why after I go to some places they tend to bother me more. The doctor said its is more likely to be a problem in the winter since the air is dry it is more like to pick up the chemicals. For the first few days I have to put drops in a min of 6x a day to wash the chemicals out. Its nasty what comes out sometime. When they put the drops in at the doctors office there was a gray/white stuff that came out..its icky but now there is nothing come out. I can tell if I forget the drops because my eyes start to get pain full but I can live with this answer and I'll just have to move to a state with nice moist weather and it will be all better.