Monday, May 30, 2011

A Big Life Change

I went in for my 14 day ultrasound and it was good news. Two hours after my ultrasound my nurse called and told me I had dominate follicle (25mm). Finally for the first time in 3 years I had 1 dominate follicle. However the next day I get another email saying that it was wrong. They said that the ultrasound tech measured a simple cyst which now has a home in the right ovary. That means that both ovaries are over taken by cysts. They had me go in for labs to make sure I didn't ovulate. The results showed no ovulation as of Wednesday and my progesterone number came back at 1.17.  On Friday morning I had a positive OPK. I wrote the nurse back and told her. She said to trust the OPK and to cont with treatment. However if this treatment doesn't work I will have to go back out to Seattle and talk with the RE before we can start the next step. So now I'm in the 2 week wait with not even knowing if I ovulated or not.

On Tuesday we got a call form the state asking us to take a 6 and 8 year old on Friday. I never though my husband would say yes. When we got our licence we agreed to only take up to 6 because of me being so young. I was also suppose to have my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Friday however they called me Thursday night and told me they were having issues with the insurance company and that I would have to pay the whole bill and they would repay me what the insurance paid them once they got things straightened out. However I told them I would have to cancel because I didn't have another $900 on top of the $1500. So it turned out good because I was wondering how well things were going to go with me coming out of surgery and getting 2 kids at the same time.

On Friday afternoon I became Nana Holly to 2 wonderful kids. I really wish I could show you pictures however I am unable to. Its amazing how many people tell me she looks just like me. As long as things work out between us and the kids they will be here until at least December. The cat is taking to the change fairly well considering the little 6 year old girl carries her around like a little baby. My cat is not little by all means, she is about half as tall as the girl. The dog on the other hand is not taking to the change well. We got him from the shelter less than a year ago and he gets scared very easy and 2 kids running around the house screaming and yelling is not his thing.

I will keep you updated as soon as I find something out. I'm praying that this treatment works and that we will not have to make another treat to Seattle just to see the RE. Its all in Gods hands and he has the perfect timing even tho it is so hard to wait.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We got picked as an adoptive family. After an hour and half talk with a wonderful lady form the adoption center we are on our way to hopefully a very wonderful thing. They center picks out the adoptive parents along with the birth mothers and the birth mother picks the adoptive family. We have to do some fundraising to give them the first set of money so we can get out information out there. They normally place within 4 months after paperwork is turned in. If anyone has good fundraising idea's or things they have done in the past we would love ideas.

We are praying that everything will work out. After this last week it is very hard to look forward and see that this will work in his timing. On Thursday last week what I thought was my cycle starting early turned out to be the start of a miscarriage. After my last ultrasound and with the follicles being so small the clinic didn't cont with testing so neither did I. However Thursday morning I was hurting pretty bad which is normal with my cycles so I decided I was going to work through it because I had to much to do. After 2 hours at work the pain multipiled fast. After 10 mins the pain was so intense I couldn't even walk. I soon realized what the pain was from the previous 2 miscarriages. Luckily one of the CNA's came down for something and heard me crying in the therapy kitchen and got me help right away. I had an ultrasound and blood work later that day to confirm what was happening. Thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to make it until they could get me into the doctors office. The RE decided that it would be best to continue with the fertility treatment that I had already started. Thanks to all of the prayers by others. My pain  is tolerable and I was able to return to work however the emotional side is still affecting my life.
Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers through all of these hard times.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting :(

Life has been crazy over the last few weeks. So lets back up in time. We had family that came out for a week. The original intent was for them to meet baby JL however due to god's plans for us that was unable to happen. My husbands family decided to come out anyways. We had a wonderful time together. God had a bigger plan for baby JL besides giving us continued hope that there is a child out there waiting for us. God used baby JL to change relationships in our lives that probably would not have been changed otherwise. God always has a bigger plan out there for us that we are not always able to see and somethings there is a very rough road to walk through with Him first. I am so thankful for him giving me a positive outlook in a very emotional and heart ripping situation.
 Pictures for Hwy 12 (A drive we went on when my husband's parents were here)

Over the last couple of weeks we have went through two failed femara treatments. After the last treatment the RE decided to keep me on the same does of 5mg because it worked however we missed the time frame with the ultrasounds. Femara treatment #3 was the same as treatment #2 however the only difference was we were waiting for the cycle that was not coming. So on CD #54 the RE decided I could go ahead with the treatment without starting a new cycle. However after day 7 of meds mother nature decided that this treatment was a no. So 3 days later we started Femara treatment #4. Same does as last time. Day 14 ultrasound showed 5 follicles however the 2 biggest ones were only 10mm and the left ovary is where the cyst is located and has not changed which is a good thing. The RE is currently deciding if they are going to continue with the same med or change the course of meds at this point.

Other things that have been going on in my life....
We have been working on totally ripping up our whole front yard. We ripped up the whole yard by hand , laid landscaping bricks down, planted plants and moved 13 ton of rock.
       The Front Yard (This is what it looked like when we bought our house last April)
 Front Yard Before
 After we ripped all the weeds out and put landscaping bricks in
 After Flowers and Rock was put in

 Yard is finally ready to have grass seed put in
 The back yard with some work done. We put in the bricks last year because that's where the pool goes.
However our fence blow down last year during the storm and we have to fix it yet.
 I talked my husband in to making the garden bigger. Last year it was even with the back of the shed.
Putting grass in the back yard is our project for next year.

Here is two of my new favorite songs that I have recently heard at church.
Sorry for the link but for some reason I can't get the songs to save as a drafts. I been trying for the last couple of weeks.

Sorry for the randomness and I can't wait to get back to the blogging world. Oh how I have missed all the support from all of you.