Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Childless Mother's Day

I was going to start writing this yesterday but then I decided to wait and I'm glad I did. Yesterday as I stated with the title I was going to talk about how I had another year of unanswered prayers. Another year without a baby to hold in my arms. How I really don't feel like a mom even with babies in heaven and being a foster mom to 5 wonderful children. It just doesn't feel that empty whole. Then I realized how God has been working in my life. It never hit me until the middle of last week that our yard sell was being held on Mother's day weekend (it was the only weekend that really worked out after having to change it a couple of times). How raising over $1000 (and still counting) was bring us one huge step closer in our adoption journey and the last couple of weeks God has taken my frustration with having to wait to start with a new agency and feeling like I am going to have to wait several more years before we get there to a hopeful out look that next year I could possibly be holding a child in my arms on Mother's Day.
It's amazing the hope God has given me throughout the day. In our church they have all the mothers stand up to honor them and I have never stood up over the last 3 years because I feel as if I'm not a Mom but I'm wrong. The 5 wonderful foster kids that we have had through the year have all reffed to me as mom but I have never taken it to heart. I just tell myself they don't understand the meaning of the word but today God has helped me see the role I have played in their life. Even tho I may not be there only mom or their biological mom to them I am mom. I am a person who has shown them love. I am a person whom they want to be with. I have given them more love in the little time that they have been in our life then they had received in days, months and maybe years.
The two that we have been caring for lately have shown me how much I touch their lives. How by getting one on one attentions for the little time we have has been the world to them. We are kinda co fostering with another foster parent and when its time for them to leave they don't want to go. When their not here they are asking to be here. I feel bad for the other foster parent but at the same time I feel so grateful that God has given me the ability to spend the time with them that the other parent isn't able to provide and that I can physically see it. Its truly an amazing feeling.
So Today I am a mom and I should be proud of it. I have 3 amazing babies that are home and they could not be in a more loving and caring spot. I have changed the lives of 5 kids. I may not be a traditional mom however I am a mom to God's orphans and will continue to be because of God's amazing grace.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Fundraiser

This weekend we had a fundraiser for our adoption. People from our church donated items for us to sale at our yard sale. I just realized that I should of took pictures. We are so blessed by the amazing results of our 2 day sale. We raised and amazing $995.25 and still counting.
We are truly blessed by God

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Bible Quotes


We got an update from Sam (a boy we sponsor through our church who lives in Africa). These are his Christmas presents.

Yes we bought him a goat for Christmas. He's gotten so big in 3 years

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We got an offer

Sorry for my absence....

We've been caring for a 13 month old, 17 month and a 3 year old. So our weekends have been fairly busy. We have been preparing for our yard sale this coming weekend to raise money for our adoption.

Over the last several weeks we have been talking about taking our house off the market due to getting close summer. We don't have central a/c so we didn't want to show it when it was hot. We were going to wait until the beginning of June. However God might have different plans. I received a call yesterday morning that we got an offer on our house. We had to counter offer last night so we will see when it goes from here. It might fall through. However I think God has different plans than we did. I unfortunately don't think God is intended to stay here. We are so sad to leave this town and most importantly our church family. If this offer goes through next comes the next step and we will have to be out by the end of June.

What is next....
Were do we move too. We have pro's and con's to all the options we are thinking of. I know that God will guide us where to go.
Option 1: Stay in Idaho and finish the adoption we started and just move to a rental and move back home in a couple of years
Option 2: Move to South Dakota and be close to our family. Its cheaper to adopt then where we are now however there are very few to choice from.
Option 3: Move to Oklahoma to be close to other family. Lots of job options. Adoption is again cheaper with lots of adopt agencies to work with and we have already talked with one and they would love to work with us.

My Husband wants to move to South Dakota and I feel lead to go to Oklahoma. Yesterday shortly after hearing about the offer I received two others phone calls that help make seance of where to go.  I am going to keep praying for guidance.

This weekend however my focus is our yard sale to raise money for our adoption. We have been getting some donations this week. Its amazing the people that will help out people they don't even know. This has truly been a blessing.