Thursday, March 7, 2013


Our current family is very multicultural but that doesn't stop the love between all of the kids. Including the ones who were not siblings before coming to our house. God has shown how loving our kids with all of your hearts and holding nothing back can change their lives for the better. We are holding nothing back. I'm not guarding my heart so that it is not so hard when they leave. God doesn't guard his heart with them so why should I. I know God with help us through anything that will happen with the wonderful kids he has placed in our lives.

We are beyond blessed and loving every minute with our family.

PS: We bought a bigger vehicle so we can all 8 fit in the car at once. I'll post pictures later.

This is our 4 months old and our 2 year old
I wish I could show you a picture of their faces. You would totally understand why I feel in love 
with these kiddos so fast.

Little Miss E is growing so fast. Last week she started on baby food. She likes sweet potato's and carrots so far and only dislikes green beans and rice cereal. She is also starting to gain more head control :). Last week I put in in the little bouncer/activity table and she is going crazy in it and has already learned how to bounce. I can't believe she is already 4 months old.

We also received an update from the little boy that we support in Africa. He has gotten so big since his last picture.